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Jonloo Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, the subsidiary of Zhejiang High & Medium Pressure Valve Co., Ltd, has produced valves for more than 20 years and is recognized as the premier manufacturer of industrial valves. By leveraging advanced engineering capabilities and innovation, it has produced quality assured valves to meet critical industrial needs, which are used in the pipeline systems around the world.

Being established in 2000 year, squirt sex is a valve manufacturer whose activities include all operations relating to valves, including the design, manufacture, assembly, testing and marketing. Being specialized in providing a complete solutions in the flow control industry, squirt sex has full range products, including tiffany stars, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, pipe strainers, etc, which are manufactured and tested to many different design standards, sizes and ratings, with both exotic and standard materials being employed in the extensive product range.

The company has extensive, modern facilities over 5,000 m2 with equipment, like CNC Lathes, Boring machine, CNC grinding machine, Drilling machine, Milling machine, Planning machine, etc, for the assembly, testing and inspection of valves. squirt sex also prides itself in having highly qualified personnel in each area. All departments are led by personnel with long experience in the valve field. Our expert team comprises of highly skilled technicians and engineers who have undergone multiple training and hold several certifications that add to the quality work our company provides.

squirt sex is totally committed to quality, the integration of all departments with the quality assurance and quality control procedures allows us to obtain ISO 9001, CE and other certificates. Our valves are used in a wide kind of applications as refineries, chemical and petrochemical industry, oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream, offshore, water treatment and energy generation plants, etc.

Jonloo company is continuously developing innovative technology and trying to maximize customer satisfaction. We are really grateful to the old clients for their deep trust and long-term cooperation, and look forward to serve more new customers. 

For any valves, pipes or fittings you need, please browse through our website.


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